Relax On Sturtevant Pond!

A beautiful waterfront home in Western Maine.

Join verymaine on a visit to the Rangeley Lakes Region where we catch up with Sue MacPhee, co-owner of City Cove Realty, and learn more about the stunning property she has listed for sale on Sturtevant Pond.


If you’re looking for a vacation home with rows of boats, throngs of people, and a non-stop social scene…you won’t find it here on Sturtevant Pond. This tranquil 500-acre pond only has about 10 homes on it, and fewer than half of those are year-round. We caught up with Sue MacPhee owner of City Cove Realty in Rangeley about one unique property for sale in the area.

vme: This place seems so quiet and calm. What’s life like on Sturtevant Pond?
Sue: Well, Sturtevant Pond is south of Aziscohos Mountain in the Western Mountains and Magalloway River Valley, so it’s a great place to truly get away. When a boat goes by on the water – or a snowmobile in the winter – a neighbor might go to the window to see who it is!
Although it’s remote, there’s plenty to do if you love the outdoors. In the winter you can cross country ski, snowshoe, hike, or hunt. The rest of the year, fishing and boating are popular. The maximum depth of Sturtevant Pond is 58 feet, and you can catch coldwater fish like brook trout, perch, and pickerel. It’s also stocked annually with splake, which is a cross between a brook trout and a lake trout. And there are no restrictions for watercraft. Everything from canoes and kayaks, to pontoons and powerboats, are allowed.

vme: So how would you get your boat on the water if you lived here?
Sue: The property has its own little boat ramp with a driveway that goes right down to the water! The hill is slanted enough and smooth enough that you can put your boat right in. There are no rocks to struggle over. Having your own boat launch is a rare opportunity you won’t find on many lake properties! You also have your own dock at the water’s edge for easy water access right in your own back yard.

vme: Speaking of the yard, how much of it is on the water?
Sue: The home is on 3.7 acres, with 450 feet of private frontage. I think the grounds of this property are just as wonderful as the building itself. The owners have trimmed up the area near the water to provide a pretty view. It looks terrific.
Behind the house they’ve created raised gardens and planted perennials and herbs. Up the hill there’s another garden where they grow tomatoes, squash, and other vegetables. In the middle of the lawn, they’ve even planted a charming strawberry circle!


vme: Let’s talk about the house. It looks brand new!
Sue: The current owners have taken excellent care of this property. More than 2,700 feet of living space and all of it well maintained. More importantly, it’s extremely well constructed. When the owners built it in 2006, they cut no corners. From the support timbers to the roof and everything in between, the house was built beyond recommended standards.

vme: Take us on a tour. Let’s start in the heart of the house…the kitchen.
Sue: The kitchen is set up efficiently for cooking. There’s a small island with a built-in bar counter, and the window overlooks the raised bed gardens outside. The feature I love is the walk-in pantry right off the kitchen. There are tons of shelves for storage and a washer/dryer. So convenient.
The kitchen opens up to the bright and airy living and dining area, where there are sliding doors to the deck – but we’ll talk about that deck later! The downstairs living space has almost three walls of windows, so you’re surrounded by views of the water framed by the Western Mountains in the distance.


vme: Where are the bedrooms located?
Sue: The master bedroom suite – complete with bathroom and walk-in closet – is on the main floor, which allows for single-floor living. There is another, smaller bedroom on the main floor. There are two large bedrooms on the second floor, where there is a second bathroom and plenty of storage space. There’s also an attached two-car garage, and I mention that because there is a finished space above the garage that could easily be a guest bedroom.

vme: It looks like it would make a good office.
Sue: Absolutely. Or a cozy den for the family to watch TV or play board games. If I owned this house I would let my husband have that space for his hobby room!

vme: The basement is uniquely situated.
Sue: Clean too! There are workbenches in there and additional storage. And it’s where the current owners park their sleds and ATVs. You can drive them right out of the basement onto the property. And if you’re wondering if the toys come with the house…it’s negotiable.

vme: Can we talk about that deck?
Sue: Not yet! I want to tell you about the glassed-in porch. Just off of the living room is a three-season sun porch with a small viewing heat stove and floor-to-ceiling windows facing Sturtevant Pond. (Those water views are unavoidable.) This inviting room is the perfect place for chatting over a cup of tea – or sitting in a rocking chair with a blanket and a good book.
Okay, now let’s talk about the deck. It wraps around two sides of the house, one of which faces the water. I can imagine the owners of this house spending a lot of time out here, having coffee in the morning and gazing at the stars at night. Did you notice that the deck has room for an outdoor grill and dining table? Meals out here just might taste better…

vme: Do you think someone could put a hot tub in?
Sue: It is possible to extend the deck and make room for a hot tub. The basement space underneath part of the deck could be a good spot too.

vme: Describe for me the right person for this house.
Sue: I think someone who enjoys the outdoors and wants to take advantage of New England’s natural beauty. Hiking in the woods and kayaking on the pond can be part of everyday living. A young couple or family could also thrive here. Kids would have the chance to grow up in the real outdoors and appreciate the environment in a personal and unforgettable way.
The remote location makes this the perfect place for retirees who want to get out of suburban life, or even city folks looking for peace. I should mention that Internet and cell phone service work just fine out here!

vme: It’s remote but still within driving distance of a number of fun places, including a golf course and ski area.
Sue: The Balsams! What started as a small summer inn in 1866 has grown into a 400-room resort with a wilderness ski area and 18-hole golf course – and it only takes 30 minutes to get there from here. There are now plans to expand and update the resort starting in 2017. It’s an ambitious undertaking, but the result will be more amenities, such as a spa, new farm-to-table restaurants, and additional bike trails. Best of all is a huge state-of-the-art ski resort with 2,200 skiable acres of alpine terrain and 100 km of Nordic trails.

vme: Sounds exciting – plus there’s tax-free shopping in New Hampshire, just across the state line! Is there anything else you’d like to mention about this property on Sturtevant Pond?
Sue: This place is beautiful, more like a high-end custom-built home than a typical “camp.” The asking price is not set in stone – the sellers are welcoming offers. Give me a call and come see it for yourself. If you’re coming from the south, just drive up Route 16 and take a right on the pond road as soon as you cross the Maine/New Hampshire line. If you’re coming from the north, stop by our Rangeley office and I’ll do the driving! Either way, it’s a lovely ride.

For additional information, visit the property listing online at

Sue MacPhee loves living in the Rangeley region for all the outdoor fun it offers. She has co-owned City Cove Realty with her husband Les MacPhee and associate Kathy Williams since 2001. You can contact Sue at 207.441.9973 or


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